How To Improve Your Overall Health By Treating Subluxation

When you experience back pain, your injured back will not only affect your ability to move your back muscles, but it will also affect the rest of your body and your overall health. This is because your back is an integral part of your central nervous system and your brain will struggle to communicate with the rest of your body when your spine is misaligned. This is a condition known as chiropractic subluxation and can be treated by a chiropractor.

Blood Circulation Issues

The treatment of subluxation is very complex because there are many ways in which the tissues found in your back change as a result of subluxation. Your body might develop hyperemia, which is an excessive amount of blood that accumulates in a specific area of the spine. The blood vessels in your back might also be damaged or might be under pressure in a phenomenon known as edema. 

Trigger Points

Some back muscles can develop trigger points, also known as congestion. These are areas of the back that can accumulate toxins that can irritate nerve endings and can cause back pain. 


Fibrosis can occur when normal tissue is replaced with scar tissue. Patients who experience back pain that comes and goes are the most likely to experience fibrosis. You might also experience atrophy and muscle rigidity when your back muscles are not used often enough.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Fortunately, there are many treatments a chiropractor can use to treat subluxation. One technique, known as the toggle drop, involves the chiropractor pressing down with both hands on a specific area of the spine to adjust the spine. The vertebrae can be moved into the correct position using the lumbar roll. With release work, the chiropractor will apply gentle pressure with their fingertips to separate the vertebrae. 

Special Equipment Used

The chiropractor might need to use special equipment to treat your back such as the drop table. The chiropractor performs a thrust at the same time that the table drops. The chiropractor uses this method when they are trying to perform a lighter adjustment. Chiropractors also use instrument adjustments when they are trying to perform light adjustments. These devices are spring-loaded and are very gentle.

If your back is not responding to traditional adjustments, your chiropractor might need to place you under anesthesia. Then, they can use a more aggressive method. Regardless of the condition of your back, there is usually a treatment that will be able to help.

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