Ways Your Migraine May Be Affecting Your Body And How Chiropractors Can Help

There are many people who suffer from migraine headaches. Some have them once a week while others seem to have them nearly daily. The migraines can be mild or dull pains that turn worse, or they may start out worse and interrupt your entire day. Regardless of the type of migraines you have, they may be affecting your body without you realizing it. Here are some of the ways migraines can affect your body and how a chiropractor can help. 

Neck Pain

One of the areas your migraine pain may be affecting is your neck. The pain from the migraine can cause tension in your muscles. As you feel more pain, the tension can move from your head and face down to your neck. This tension can lead to dull pain, or it can lead to harsher pain such as strained or even pulled muscles. Reducing the migraine may be workable, but reducing the neck pain it leaves behind can become more difficult over time. A chiropractor can help with adjustments to your neck that may help ease tension and ultimately help reduce the frequency of the migraines. 

Lower Back Pain

You may not think of your lower back as something connected to your migraine headache. The truth is that if your migraine lasts for long enough, the tension can move down your body and into various muscle areas. These muscle areas can eventually connect, causing lower back pain and strain. You may also find that laying down to help the migraine ease may be uncomfortable on your lower back because it is already feeling tension and effects. Your chiropractor can work to determine if your spinal alignment needs adjusting to relieve some tension that is already present. This alignment can help reduce pain and help to reduce the increase in pain when a migraine headache starts. 

Increased Body Tension

When you feel pain, your body reacts. It begins to become tight in your muscles. Every shooting pain, stabbing pain, or increase in migraine pain triggers the body's natural reaction. As your body reacts and tension builds, it can cause irritation, increased discomfort, and fatigue. The stress can also affect how your body works. For example, IBS can be triggered by muscle tension and stress. Your chiropractor can determine what areas of your body functions might be affected and set out a treatment plan that starts with reducing the migraines. 

If you think your migraine headache could be leading to other issues with your body, contact your area chiropractor. They will schedule an appointment and determine what issues you may be having. They can also take x-rays and determine if there are issues in your skeletal frame that need adjusting. Keep in mind that just as migraines can cause issues, so can the body. Chiropractors can determine if that is the case with you and help with a treatment plan. 

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