Treatments For Sciatica: How To Get The Most Relief From Such Severe Pain

Do you have sciatica? The excruciating pain may appear out of nowhere, making it difficult for you to sit, stand, or even walk for the shortest period of time. The irritation of the spine could last for weeks at a time. When you are dealing with such significant pain for several days or weeks, it likely becomes hard for you to follow through with your normal routine, whether you are going to work, spending quality time with the children, or even trying to get enough sleep to feel well-rested for the next day. If sciatica is making it hard for you to do anything, you may want to try a few different treatment methods that could work to relieve your pain.

Use a Heating Pad

Using hot therapy to relieve the pain is something you can do right at home. If you have a heating pad, apply it to the area of your back that hurts the most for at least 15-30 minutes. Take a break from using the heating pad to avoid irritating your skin with such heat and then repeat the process of applying it to the body for another 15-30 minutes.

See a Chiropractor

When you have sciatic nerve pain, a chiropractic adjustment can make such a difference in the way that you feel. The adjustment could relieve a lot of the pressure that has been put on the spine, which works to relieve some pain. Not only will the chiropractic adjustment help reduce the pressure, but it will also work to ease muscle tension, ultimately providing the maximum amount of comfort during a time when you are feeling the worst.

Start Exercising

It can hurt to get up and exercise when experiencing sciatica. However, if you start doing light exercises, you may eventually be able to reduce some of the pain. Always find out which exercises are best for you to perform before you get started. Your physician may recommend certain stretches and movements that can relieve pressure. If the pain persists, you can ask your physician to provide a referral for a physical therapist who can help you perform certain stretches and exercises to get natural relief from all the discomfort.

If sciatica is causing you to experience a lot of pain at random moments and it is becoming harder for you to cope with it, you should try different types of treatment options. Regularly using a heating pad, seeing a chiropractor for adjustments, and even doing light exercises more often could work to reduce a lot of your pain.

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Do you have sciatica? The excruciating pain may appear out of nowhere, making it difficult for you to sit, stand, or even walk for the shortest period