How Deep Tissue Massage Is Used With Chiropractic Treatments

When you go to your chiropractor for neck or back pain treatment, you may be given a massage as well as a chiropractic adjustment. The two treatments work in different ways to bring about pain relief and healing of injured tissues and joints. Here's a look at how massage is beneficial in chiropractic care.

Massage Prepares The Joints For Treatment

Massage works on the tissues of the body, such as muscles and fascia. Chiropractic treatments work on the joints in your spine. Your body's tissues impact the position and movement of your spinal joints. By having a massage before a chiropractic treatment, your muscles are warmed up. This could help you get more benefit from your chiropractic treatments since massage reduces the risk of your muscles being so tight that they interfere with joint movement. Plus, a massage is relaxing, and that helps you be less tense while the chiropractor works on your spine.

Deep Tissue Massage Frees Tissue Adhesions

Deep tissue massage is especially helpful for reducing pain and improving range of motion in your muscles and spinal area. When you have an injury to your tissues, tiny scars develop that cause your fascia to stick to your muscles. Pulling on the scar when you move causes pain, and it can limit your mobility. Deep tissue massage restores full mobility by breaking up the scar tissue. This is done by holding firm pressure on an area called a trigger point. A trigger point is found by pressing along your muscles until a sore spot is found. Breaking up the adhesions and releasing stuck tissues helps improve circulation through your muscles and relieves discomfort. Releasing stuck tissues also improves range of motion so your chiropractic treatments can be more effective.

Massage And Chiropractic Treatments Speed Healing

Massage and chiropractic treatments each have their individual benefits, but when they are done together, they provide even better results when it comes to helping your pain. Massage increases circulation, which floods the injured area with nutrients and oxygen. Both of these are needed for tissue repair. Chiropractic treatments realign the joints in your spine, and with no adhesions or stiff muscles to pull the joints back out of alignment, you could experience faster healing than if you relied on either type of treatment alone.

While deep tissue massage and chiropractic treatments are useful in treating a wide range of problems that affect various parts of your body, your treatment plan is individualized to you. Your chiropractor assesses your condition and then decides on the best treatments for your recovery and healing.

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