Chiropractic, Unexpected: Unusual Places To Find A Chiropractor

A chiropractic clinic is almost always a separate entity of other medical facilities and professions, simply because a chiropractor is not a doctor. However, most medical professionals recognize the value of chiropractic care. As such, you might find a chiropractor in some atypical or unusual places. Yet, when you think about it, maybe these places are not all that unusual after all.

Sharing Office Space with a Neurologist

Some chiropractors share office space with a neurologist. People who suffer from back, neck, and head pain come to see the neurologist to uncover the problem and source of their pain. The neurologist may refer them to the chiropractor to help treat pain through chiropractic care. The two disciplines are complimentary, and the patients often do not want to take pain medications anyway.

Sometimes the neurologist will work on the ground floor, and the chiropractor works upstairs. Sometimes it is the reverse. Either way, check with the neurologist to see if there is a chiropractor working in the same building.

Sharing Office Space with an Alternative Medicine Doctor

Chiropractic care, in a way, is alternative medicine. The chiropractor does not prescribe medication, but does perform various services to ease clients' pain. None of these approaches or adjustments require surgery, needles, or medical equipment, which is often the basis for alternative medicine. Ergo, sharing office space with an alternative medicine doctor makes sense. The alternative doctor diagnoses and prescribes, while the chiropractor helps treat pain.

In a Strip Mall

It seems quite odd, does it not? To find a chiropractic clinic sandwiched between an insurance agency and a flower boutique is quite odd. However, these smaller offices are often perfect for managing patients, setting up walls, and the rent is usually quite affordable. If the chiropractor can keep office costs down, then he/she can offer quality care at a lower price to clients.

In a Gym

No, that's not a joke; chiropractors can and do work in a gym. They help gym members with sports injuries and flexibility training, as well as exercises that can help the gym members slowly get back into shape after an accident. In most cases, if you find a chiropractor working in a gym, he/she keeps brief office hours during the main days of the week. You will still have to schedule an appointment, even if the chiropractor is in the office and you are present in the gym.

Contact a clinic, like Atlantic Chiro Care for more help.

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