Don'T Overlook The Potential For Injury During These Types Of Minor Car Accidents

When you think of hurting your back or neck in a car accident, you likely think of a major collision in which your airbag is deployed and you're taken to the hospital. While these injuries are common during accidents of this nature, and can require a series of chiropractic adjustments to get you back to feeling how you did before the collision, it doesn't have to be a major accident that leaves you with a spine that is out of alignment. Even if you're in a minor accident, you shouldn't hesitate to consult a chiropractor to assess whether your body has been injured or not. Here are some types of minor accidents that could send you to the chiropractor.

Backing Into A Fence

Backing into a parking space is usually a good idea, as you'll be able to simply pull out and get on your way when it's time. However, if you fail to accurately estimate the distance between your rear bumper and the fence or structure behind you, you might make contact. This minor bump won't often be enough to cause significant damage to your vehicle — in many cases, there will be a small scratch or perhaps no mark at all. But the whiplash-like movement that your head makes as you stop abruptly could leave you with an injury that requires chiropractic care.

Banging Into A Curb

If you aren't overly experienced with parallel parking, you might have trouble getting your car safely into its spot parallel to the curb. Heavy traffic around you can cause you to rush this process, and if you're already feeling stressed, the process can become even more difficult. One mistake that some people make is lurching forward when they mean to back up, and vice versa — and this can cause your car to bang off the curb in a way that shakes your body. In some cases, even this small collision can jostle you enough that you're left with a sore neck or back.

Driving Off The Curb

Sometimes, when you're pulling out of a parking lot or even your driveway, you might turn too sharply and drive off the curb, rather than down the slope to the road. This can cause your vehicle to jolt abruptly, and while you might not think much of it, your upper body can get jostled. This is especially the case if the path of your vehicle was unexpected and the impact thus came as a surprise. Neck and back car accident injuries can worsen over time, so it's always a good idea to consult a chiropractor for help even if your car accident seems benign.

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