Better Health For Office Workers: A Chiropractic Guide

Sitting in an office all day is clearly not the best choice for your overall health. But you have to support yourself, and if an office job is paying your bills, it's probably not a wise choice to up and quit without a more active endeavor lined up. For desk jockeys and computer nerds everywhere, these tips will help you maintain better health in spite of working an office job.

See a chiropractor.

Even if you make an effort to maintain good posture, chances are you have lapses in posture that put a strain on your back. And even with good posture, sitting in one place all day is not the best for your spine. Spinal misalignments can cause a lot more than just back pain. They can contribute to headaches, muscle weakness, tingling in your legs and arms, and even neck symptoms that resemble those of whiplash.

Regular chiropractic adjustments will ensure your spine is kept in proper alignment regardless of your sedentary job. At your first consultation appointment, your chiropractor will advise you as to how often you should come in for adjustments – based on your age and current health. For many patients, once or twice-a-month visits are ideal.

Get up and move whenever you can.

The less time you spend sitting in that chair, the better. So get into the habit of getting up and moving whenever possible. Do you have ten minutes to kill between meetings? Instead of browsing the internet mindlessly, get up and walk to the end of the hall to check out the office bulletin boards. Walk to coworkers' offices to speak with them rather than sending an email. Go walk along the sidewalk at lunch rather than sitting at your desk or a table.

Adjust your computer.

A screen that's too bright can leave your eyes tired and cause headaches, so turn the brightness down and the contrast up so you can still see clearly. Also, bring your screen height up so that the screen is level with your head when you're sitting in your chair. This will prevent you from having to angle your head downwards when looking at the screen, which should minimize the strain on your neck, back, and shoulders.

For more tips on staying healthy in spite of working a desk job, talk to your local chiropractor or natural health care expert. You may even want to share what you've learned with coworkers. 

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