Video Game Players: 4 Chiropractic Services To Help Treat Common Pains And Aches

Playing video games may seem like a lot of sitting, but it can actually take a large toll on the body. After going through extended gaming sessions, you may experience a number of pains and aches. Instead of ignoring the pain, you get can get treated for it by a professional chiropractor. There are four specific areas that a chiropractor can focus on for video game pains. Each of these areas will supply you with the healing and comfort to enjoy future games without the same neck pains and aches. By reading through these various pains and treatment options, you may realize that you've had aches and problems for longer than you can remember.

Hand Adjustments

One of the biggest aches that can come from playing a video game is in your hand. Holding controllers for long periods of time can result in aches, nerve damage, and the possible misalignment of bones. The human hand is a complicated structure that includes 27 different bones. It's easy to damage the hand, especially if a controller is too large or small for it. If you're suffering from hand pains, then it may be a good idea to visit a chiropractor for a hand adjustment service. This service includes a full examination of the hand to determine the painful areas and proper treatments for these areas. The adjustment process may include bone movements or wearing special braces for the hand. Multiple sessions will typically be recommended to help eliminate hand pains and get them functioning normally again. A chiropractor may even have you bring in your game controller to work on better grips or ways to play without causing so much damage.

Cold and Hot Back Treatments

Sitting and playing for long periods of time may cause extensive damage to your back and muscles. To help encourage healing, a chiropractor may start you off with a cold and hot back treatment process. This process includes the application of cold ice packs on the back for an extended amount of time. After the period of time, the cold packs will be replaced with a heating pad. The alternative use of these extreme temperatures will help improve the blood flow and allow your back to heal properly. Depending on how bad the pain is, a chiropractor may have you come in for multiple sessions and treatments. A new chair or seating position may also be recommended to help eliminate back problems in the future.

Chiropractic Massage Services

Cracking, adjusting, and massaging your back are multiple ways to help heal you from the common ailments associated with playing video games. During an initial session, a examination of your back and neck can help locate key areas of pain. A chiropractor can perform special cracking techniques to help adjust the bones and relieve pressure in specific areas. Chiropractic massages can help reduce muscle tightness and provide relief for specific trouble spots. Massages will loosen the muscles, give you more flexibility, and allow you to play video games more comfortably.

Stretching & At-Home Exercises

The key benefit of visiting a chiropractor for problems associated with playing video games is to help prevent additional problems in the future. This can be done with stretching techniques that can be taught at the office and used at home. Before sitting down to a long playing session, you will learn the best ways to stretch out muscles and provide simple exercises that can reduce pain in the future. These stretches will also help you during short breaks while you play. You can stretch out your neck, lower back, and legs through a variety of exercises. A chiropractor will show you the proper methods and help improve your overall physical function in the long run.

Make an appointment with a chiropractic services clinic before the pain gets too bad. This will help you get proper care before a serious injury or chronic condition occurs.

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