4 Lower Back Pain Remedies To Complement Your Chiropractic Care

If you are currently undergoing chiropractic adjustments at a clinic like TLC Chiropractic for your lower back pain, there are additional steps you can take at your own leisure to add to your treatment plan. Everything from the use of hot and cold applications to aquatic exercise to stretching may help ease your discomfort and aid in healing. Before you attempt any of the following actions, seek the approval from your doctor or chiropractor. Here are a few options you might want to try:

1. Try Hot and Cold Applications

Your chiropractor or general practitioner may have suggested the use of heat or cold as a treatment option for your lower back pain. Perhaps you've heard about the use of heat or ice to ease aches and pain. In any case, you may want to experiment with both hot and cold to see which method has the most positive effect for you. You may also find that alternating between the two can help ease your lower back pain.

Using heat for lower back pain may be as simple as placing a heating pad on your lower back pain for up to 30 minutes at a time, two or three times a day. Be sure three is a heating pad cover in use, so the hot elements of the pad is not touching your skin. Some heating pads feature both dry and moist heat, so you may choose the option you prefer. Alternatively, a shower massage attachment is also convenient for delivering a soothing stream of warm water to your lower back.

2. Consider Aquatic (Water) Therapy

If your doctor has recommended gentle exercise as a means of lower back pain relief, you may feel that traditional land exercise is too stressful on your back. As an alternative form of exercise, consider water therapy. The water offers buoyancy that will be less stressful on joints and ligaments, as it helps strengthen your lower back. Whether you choose your water therapy sessions in a swimming pool or hot tub is your choice, although you should seek your doctor's approval before beginning such a program.

A heated pool designed for this purpose is the most optimal method. Typically, the pool or tub should be heated to a degree of about 90 degrees Fahrenheit or slightly higher. It may be best to perform gentle aquatic exercises under the instruction of a professional. Some of the exercises that may be taught to you include gentle leg lifts and stretches. This type of movement may help strengthen the lower back and provide some relief.

3. Request a Back Massage

While it may not be considered a traditional treatment for lower back pain, massage offers benefits for many, including improved circulation (blood flow) to the affected area, as well as flushing toxins from damaged muscles. You may also feel less tense after a massage. Hot stone massage may also help relieve lower back pain, so it's worth a try. You might receive a relaxing back massage from a friend or loved one, or consider going to a professional massage therapist. In conjunction with your standard chiropractic treatment, massage have be a positive effect.

4. Walk Away Your Discomfort

With your physician's approval, consider walking as a low-impact aerobic type exercise. This form of therapy will be non-jarring to sensitive joints and may improve your back health. As walking tends to improve one's spinal flexibility and posture, you may find yourself less likely to re-injure your lower back due to future activity.

You may also find that walking helps control your weight, avoiding excess stress on the lower back from being overweight. If the weather does not permit a walk outside, you may find that using a treadmill is equally beneficial. As with any type of exercise, consult your physician before you begin.

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