Five Ways Your Young Soccer Player Will Benefit From Regular Chiropractic Care

Do you have a middle school or high school student who plays soccer? If so, you're probably always looking for ways to help your young player improve his or her skills and also reduce his or her risk of injury on the field. Proper coaching, knowing when to take a rest day, and eating well are all important elements of this process. However, there's something else you can do to help your young player excel on the soccer field -- schedule regular appointments with a chiropractor.

Here's a look at five benefits your player is likely to experience from regular chiropractic visits:

Fewer overuse injuries.

Since soccer players run a lot, they are often plagued by overuse injuries like shin splints, runner's knee, and Achilles tendinitis. Have you ever wondered why these injuries seem to appear on only one side of the body at a time? Often, this is because the spine or hips are out of a alignment, causing more strain to be placed on one side of the body than the other.

When your child's spine and hips are placed back in alignment by the chiropractor, the weight and strain will be evenly distributed and properly supported by the joints. Thus, your child's risk of overuse injuries will decrease.

Less soreness after practice.

Does your child complain of soreness after a workout or practice? While a little soreness is normal after a grueling effort, your child should not be uncomfortable on a regular basis. Excessive soreness could be a sign that your child's spine is out of alignment, and thus causing certain muscles to be put under more strain when they are worked heavily. Visit the chiropractor, and your child is likely to experience less soreness after workouts and practices. This will allow him or her to take less time off and spend more time training for a better game.

A lower risk of future headaches, backaches and neck pain.

When your child is hit, steps in a hole, or otherwise jostles the body while playing soccer, the spine can be jolted out of alignment. Even if your child shows few symptoms now, he or she could eventually suffer from headaches, backaches, and neck pain as the result of walking around with a poorly aligned spine for years. The issue is easiest for a chiropractor to correct as it happens, so visiting every two to four weeks, or as recommended by your chiropractor, will ensure little issues are dealt with before they become big, lifestyle-altering issues.

Greater agility.

Soccer players need to be able to dodge from side to side quickly and duck out of the way when another player is heading towards them. When the spine is out of alignment, the joints and muscles can become overly stiff, which interferes with your child's agility. With regular adjustments, your child just might become one of those quick-dodging players who always make the last-minute saves or seemingly impossible shots.

Better balance and coordination.

When the back is out of alignment and your child is not carrying themselves in a straight, centered manner, their balance and coordination may be affected. The misaligned spine may also press on certain nerves, which may diminish your child's balance and coordination. Your child may have trouble kicking the ball squarely, or he or she may stumble when turning too sharply. Properly adjusting the spine can improve coordination, so there are fewer mishaps on the field.

If you want your child to succeed as an injury-free soccer player, then make an appointment with a chiropractor who specializes in sports medicine. With regular care, your child will be less prone to injuries and better able to hone his or her skills on the field.

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